I wake up early with big dreams in my head.Dreams to make this the best day of my life where am the perfect little thing God created. I think to myself,today i will be in class early for my lectures and i will read so hard and make a good lawyer.And my heart says ;ha! not gonna happen. You must submit to my passions and desires. Before i know it am pulling the blanket covers over my head and turning off the alarm grugingly.When i finally roll out of bed i just can’t make out what  to wear ,there seems to be sugar for my breakfast ,someone borrowed my jewellery. All this time am getting angry.frustrated,,am losing all my planned time. Its 8:00am and my lecture is midway……fine i will pay  to my dear heart which has already stolen my ambitious perspective of life. AM before my laptop blogging and there’s no guilt whatsoever realising that i have missed my lecture because am doing what i love.WRITING


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