We all strive in life because at the end of it we expect a reward, a sort of thank you that comes as recognition of what we haveoffered to society or the world. We chase dreams and careers and except the hopeless, none of us does whatever we do expecting zero results. So we work tirelessly giving in all we have, investing all our energies and resources, for the success of these dreams and careers. Unfortunately not all of us succeed. We all get set, and set off but only a few reach the finish line. Ask me why and I’ll be glad to inform you that there is a secret known to those who win the race. You may argue that it is because of the expertise, the experience that enables winners to reach the finish line, but be quick to remember that they started out just as you, with no expertise and carrying the same longing in their hearts to be successful.

Nothing beats knowing yourself as you pursue your goals. Know yourself from the inside. The moment you discover yourself, you have secured your destination at the finish line. It is common that for most people it is the society around them that dictates who they are. Society often times tends to place tags upon individuals, judging their capacities and telling them what they can and cannot do. Now if you want to be part of the success story, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you or dictate or take a wild guess on who you are. Know yourself.

What do you live for? If you were to be asked the one reason you face day after day challenge after challenge, the reason you keep the fight on regardless of all the obstacles, what would your answer be? Because when you know what you live for, you know who you are. Discovering what you live for rotates around many angles. Some will say they live for their God, so they strive to be righteous, sacrificial, and dedicated. They emulate their God characterwise and that is how they discover who they really are.

There are those that live for change. They seek to change the political systems, the economic and social systems. They fight wars, they invent theories and philosophies and they are defined by their intelligent, strategic and innovative minds. We all live for different things and you have to decipher what it is you live for.

Take time off, meditating and look deep within you. Forget the pressures society puts against you. Forget what your parents and colleagues have said you are. Their perception of you is different from your perception of who you are, and definitely yours counts more.. You are the expert and no one knows you better than yourself. Knowing your energies and weak points builds you a lot, it affirms your confidence and you can be sure to fly on the wings of success.


“Know thyself” Socrates.

Arinda Daphine


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