My name is Eva Bella
The first woman that ever existed.
I went to School today
In my pink skirt and checkered top.
At noon, while we played,
Adam grazed his knee on the ground
His short got stained
Stained with blood.

All gathered around him,
With deep concern
No one laughed
Not a single person laughed.
They understood him,
And shared in his pain.
He was a victim of an accident.

At 4:00pm, just as the sun departed to clear way for the moon,
I rose from the front raw desk
Only to be startled by a sudden thunder,
It was a laugh of shame.
Everyone was laughing loud
I turned to share in the humor
But saw nothing
Nothing but that all eyes were fixed to my pink skirt.

Pink skirt had a huge map painted red
Blood on my pink skirt,
But no concern…

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