She tosses her heart into the air, at him she aims it.
It jets through flames and flavor, scents and incense of his person.
Drip…drops…they fall, connecting heaven to earth
Inch by inch she connects to him.
Splash…splash…they kiss mother earth
Uhm…she breathes him in.

She reaches out, her body to his call responding
He takes her hand, sends her calm peace through his palm.
She leans toward, tastes the sweet of his lips.
Will she listen beyond the heavy breathing?
The sighs and moans, purrs and pleas of their bodies?
Will she chase after his racing heart?

His heart dangles on a string of aches and breaks.
Her heart begs to listen to words of his heart sing out to her.
All she hears is sighs and moans, purrs and pleas of their bodies.
She courts and dotes, courts and dotes chasing after his racing heart.

The intractable race has no finish line.
She is waves galloping at the pace of the wind
And at the shore, she will resign there.
Let not a rose of affection grow in him
For she will be blind to the richness of its colour
Numb to the tenderness of its petal.
She will reject the scent of so sweet a rose and see only thorns upon the stock.

If all she ever wanted was what she always got
Then to love is selfish.
Generously concealing the glowing desire in her heart,
She bids the race farewell and says to love, “Hang in there.”


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