I warmly welcome you October. You have come on a rainy and cold morning and yet looking outside, I see golden hues on plants and buildings, radiating form the blinding Sun. You are beautiful October. This month, I am taking on a challenge to blog about Policy.
What is Policy? I really have no understanding of this strange thing. What I do know though is that we have many policies in Uganda and that Policy plays a central role in governance. Now, the latter makes it very important for you and I to understand Policy.
Please raise your glasses and join me as I launch this expedition!!!! ( and there was clinking of glasses, chants of ‘cheers’ and the characteristic ululation of uncontrollable adolescents).
I have no itinerary drawn up yet so we are up for an adventure. Vaguely though, I intend to explore the following hot-spots;
• What is policy?
• How is Policy formulated?
• How is Policy Implemented?
• What is trendy in Uganda’s Policy world?
And there we have it; four little candies to chew on for the four weeks of October.
Lets roll!!!!!!!!


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