An Ode to the Musical Woman…



Women. Beautiful. Strong. Inspiring. Brave. Powerful beyond measure. Musical.

Qwela: Visionary. A melting pot of truly talented and authentic musicians.

The Qwela Junction Diva’s Edition: A mind-blowing idea.

It’s been just over one month since we started rehearsals for the next edition of the Qwela Junction. But MY GAAAAAAAASH I am more than excited. But what I love the absolute most about this show (before the show actually gets here) is the spirit. The spirit of warmth; the spirit of love that only women can bring. It’s the encouragement and the support and open heartedness that has me appreciating music in an amazingly different way. It’s 6 different women, different styles, different ages, different experiences all coming together to put together a once in a lifetime Ugandan musical experience…

I am TOTALLY in love with the women I have met… I just had to first jazz you about each of…

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