The clouds run into each other and

seal daylight, launching night.

See the white clouds

Sharpened by a ray of sun.

I fear I am dissolving into heaven.

To the west,  the clouds are haloed by the rays of the sealed sun

A soul beyond these hills will be graced by the sunset.

The chilling wind feels like mint on my skin,

A freshness around the ears,

Soft injections of sparkles

In every joint on my body.

I have not felt this way before.

Hills like magnified buttress roots of a grand tree.

The lord artistically created

And we have so craftily ornamented

With small maps of terraces and fields,

Each joined to the other like lovely musical notes.

Listen to the night cricket

Soothing you , drifting you to beyond normalcy

To a world of feeling

Where sound rings on so beautifully

Where touch feels so intense

And knowledge so clear.

The white egrets retire

As the herdsman guides the cows to the kraal.

I melt away to a beautiful place

Orange moon now smiles down on me

All around her soft violet

A moo of a cow somewhere,

Chorused by another,

A hooting of a car in a distant place,

And I am closer to home.

The moon she stands there,

A sun reflected on a dark sea

Floating as the swans that were the white clouds.



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