I watched as he wheeled the steering ring between his palms

Watched as at a point, his middle finger rested above the wheel

While the others encircled it firmly, and loosely.


He was handsome.

With an overbearingly big nose, lovely smile

And considerably tall

And he was good  on the road

He knew to control his speed.

He was amazingly aware.

Every contour, he went about it with tact.


That made me want to ride with him.


I begun to think that when we stop for lunch,

I will sit directly opposite him

I hoped that the space between our legs would be close

So I could lightly brush my legs against his brown khaki trouser

And at that instant look him in the eyes to see if he felt me.

I hoped he would smile

And I would smile back with a straw between my teeth

Sipping on terribly bitter lemonade

While savoring his sweet physique,

His strong built arms,

His long neck.


I would have reached over to him

Held his carefully manicured fingers

Made a lock with my own

And told him he is handsome.



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