E 1: 2016



Your Royal-Dickness,

Will you ride with her?

She rides with majesty,

With poise and vivacity,

Bouncy but bold

Like the mounds on her chest;

Pointing upwards,

Stunning beauties

Full as the moon.


If you will,

A kiss on your crown,

May be a little more,

A little lower,

Fleshy lips and a sly tongue

Before she leads you slowly in

For the triumphant entry.


Your Highness, while you ride,

Devour unbounded.

Feel her walls when they clench onto you

With each heave,

When they part for you

With each plunge.


You are celebrated, Your Lordship.

You amaze with your grandeur.

Ride on to Jerusalem,

Her screams as spurs,

Her arms flailing as palm prongs

The air abuzz with

“Oh my god”s and “Oh yes”s.

Raise with the gliding warm tides

And reign while you make it rain.

For you, torrents pour.



8 thoughts on “E 1: 2016

    1. But Headless Chicken, You deserve an accolade. You are one of my most amazing readers. Your feedback lets me know there is a soul out there looking at the craft, beyond the words on the screen. Thank you, thank you.

  1. I love this!!! I like this one more than the other version. creates more illusion and activates wider imagination.

    PS: Read this with Lust for Love by Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd in the background. Sparks just went of in my head. Gaddemm!!!

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