My readers and critics though that E 1: 2016 was rather elusive of  real emotions. I have considered posting the raw version of E1:2016. Feel free to leave you comments on which version you prefer and why. I got most of the feedback on E1:2016 through inboxes and face to face dialogue because no one wants to be seen commenting on erotica!!!!!. On that note, commentaries through inbox on facebook or via email at daphinearinda@gmail.com are very welcome.


Who needs a design for the burglar proof,

To impress the burglar?

For your big royalness

A ride with this belle

Will bring you milk, and her, honey.

The blend, beautiful, tasty,

Like the mounds on her chest

Pointing upwards to the sky like stunning beauties

Full as the moon.

Your royaldickness

Will you take a ride?

Dip in low and feel the waves as they clench onto you,

Feel the warmth of the tides rocking you,

Gliding with you as you rise to the sun.

For you torrents pour.

Make your hardness felt as you ride

Devour the territory with your thrusts

Deeply reach inside

Take the screams you will hear as an urge on

A smooth ride it will be your highness

Each thrust will be received with warmth, oils and embraces.

You are celebrated my Lord.

You amaze with your grandeur.

Every inch of this kingdom aches with need for you.

Now if you will?

A kiss on your crown

May be a little more , a little lower,

Let you feel my lips

Before I lead you slowly in.

Into this fantasy.


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