A TWIST TO THE NORM(Exploring erotica in poetry)

My journey with exploring erotica in poetry has so far been a smooth sail. I did not receive the very harsh comments or inappropriate feedback I was fearfully expecting. And I will take that as a pat on the back from my readers.

E 1: 2016 was my very first erotic publication and it was coached in very intricate imagery and language. I however decided to post its raw version just to get a feel of my audience’s preference.

One of the readers when asked to compare E 1: 2016 and RAW VERSION OF E1:2016 said this,

“So basically, refined: public consumption, raw: private consumption.”

While the feedback on the raw version was not as extensive, it revealed that readers prefer a garnished plate of erotica to one with all the raw emotions served randomly.

My second poem is what I would refer to as more daring because it seeks to go beyond the norm, the conventional in our societies. I am aware that it may be shocking as I intend to be more explicit with language and I have advertently prepared a prelude to make it palatable to the readers.

E2:2016 will feature eroticism between two female characters. Same sex eroticism is greatly condemned and attempts have made to outlaw it. This however does not erase the fact that it exists in our societies. My role as a writer has never been to cast a blind eye to the realities of my societies but to depict them as they really are, as they ought to be, as I imagine them to be.

Sexuality is a sensitive Octopus with diverse tentacles. We often honour just one of these tentacles; heterosexuality and tend to obliviate homosexuality and bisexuality.

Sylvia Tamale in her Article “THE-TEN-FACES-OF-SEXUALITY/” decries this hypocrisy when she says,

“The heteronormative face of sexuality has big beautiful eyes that are deceptive…      they also attempt to obliterate the rich diversity of Ugandan faces, particularly the           homosexual and bisexual ones.”           

I am very conscious of the cultural and religious sensitivities of my readers and this comes as a disclaimer to whoever is likely to be insulted by my next erotic poem. My choice to write erotica featuring female characters is best explained in the word of Leon F. Seltzer in his article titled /what-distinguishes-erotica-pornography.

If the work has been executed erotically, it’s generally assumed that the creator viewed       the subject matter as praiseworthy, something to take pleasure in, celebrate, exalt, glorify…..”

Leon F. Seltzer further advances my cause in his defence of Erotic writing as an art when he says this about Erotica,

“Unlike pornography, it doesn’t appeal exclusively to our senses or carnal appetites. It also    engages our aesthetic sense, our judgment about how this or that figure illustrates an ideal of human beauty.”

I am therefore writing about human beauty as manifested in erotica. I do hope you enjoy my art and that it finds space in your hearts and minds. E2:2016 will be posted on this blog within a week.


7 thoughts on “A TWIST TO THE NORM(Exploring erotica in poetry)

  1. Smiling at you from behind my computer***

    I like that you are cognizant of your readers differences enough to write them a prelude that gives them an insight into what you are working with your reasons and an option of being a part of the audience or an option of declining.

    About the raw version, I think it was equally powerful and you surprised me in it, because I thought it was going be well…raw. I feared that it would lose its poetic beauty in the process but it didn’t.
    I actually preferred it to the previous one, because well it was longer 😛 and it came close to sensation in its metaphors. I am kinda unable to go back to the poem, before I finish this comment, coz it will be deleted like the one a few minutes ago, but I would have loved to show you what metaphors stood out for me.

    I agree with you and others on the need for erotic poetry to be garnished.

    I think that what makes erotica magical are things like imagination and subtleties which explicitness destroys. I have found for instance the moment before a kiss to be more powerful and enchanting than the kiss in itself. So yeah, but don’t listen too much to me, there is there is a palatable sensuality in crudeness/explicitness.

    Oh and the new poem… you are brave sister! But that is the only way to freedom. I admire and laud you for your bravery.

    With Love and P power 🙂

    1. awwww Ann Linda. These are amazing comments. Thanks for the love and Meow Power.I wish I had an emoji here. I am smiling ear to ear. This second poem i am working on shook me a bit especially with our hypocritical integrity ministry. Lol. You know this evening I came across something interesting. Apparently, the Cabinet has banned erotic dances, sexually suggestive language, e.t.c. I laughed my head off. Here is a link. http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Cabinet-bans-erotic-dances–sexually-suggestive-language/-/688334/3180354/-/j6b2p6/-/index.html

      Unfortunately for the Cabinet, I am already on my journey and as an Artist, I proclaim my freedom. Thanks for reading. Thanks for encouraging and for loving the work.

      To Meow Power.

  2. As a man i always loved the chase, the hunting in its self is awesome, the skinning of the animal and the roasting of the meat, there are tales to tell in those activities.
    most times i wonder of the chewing and the swallowing? do we ever tell tales of how the meat is broken down to gains of like dust so as to be useful to us?

    what i did enjoy in your last entry, was as a reader you gave me the freedom to paint my own images, you seduced me to take the road you had chosen for me. forget the cabinet and the government, they do what is good, that’s their job.

    Cant wait to read the next poem.

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