A TWIST TO THE NORM(Exploring erotica in poetry)

Milky waters flows down my fingers
As I discover layer after layer of flesh,
Of tightness,
Of warmth,
Of beauty.
My own garden moistens as I gaze,
Dazzled at her delicately sculptured folds.

Her fruit is bursting with flavor and juiciness.
I go lower to get a high on her feminine aroma
I get the munchies as my lips touch her petals;
Beautiful black petals, pink on the inside.

I mouth O’s and the warmth that exudes makes her shudder
I inhale on her clit and her body jerks in shivers
With each contraction of her walls, more milk to taste.
She is out of control and so will my tongue be.
I flick and suckle,
I pause and she spasms,
Breath coming in short gasps,
Her pussy pulses, she purrs my name.

She yields to my gentle thrusts,
Grinds on my probing tongue
And morns at its swirl.
I trace the beginnings and ends of her slit
And right at the end I find an enthralling gem,
A beauty spot where her ass meets her left thigh.
I rest on my back, out of breath, a satisfied treasure hunter.


9 thoughts on “REBEL QUEENS

  1. No Hun. The comment gets to stay. It is always work in progress and I really feel grateful when a reader notices something that could be changed for the better.

  2. One of your greatest strengths is rhythm in Poetry. The rhythm in here matches the unfolding of events. For instance the first stanza which is the beginning of intimacy takes on a slow paced rhythm in the short stances and one worded line, which is like stolen kisses prepping your rebel queen. Then the next stanza, she begins to unfold and so are the lines they become extensive like a a warm feeling spreading all over the body. Then the third stanza s rhythm takes on a wild jagged nature like an (orgasm I guess) and then you end the poem with a restoration to calm that spreads out.
    Your metaphor is deep too. Milky waters, yes. Treasure hunter; however is a really deep one. It seems to say that you are a huntress after something elusive which in this case should be the female orgasm. This being you know a poem lesbian sex, which is considered unconventional and taboo; calling yourself a treasure hunter suits it perfectly because it is like you help someone find pleasure by treading in lands were Angels fear to tread and come back home with a prize that is precious because of its rarity.
    Beautiful poem Mami. And you are a brave Rebel Queen.

  3. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    It has been a gleeful weekend for me after I read this comment. Thanks for appreciating my art. You should sit on the panel of editors/ publishers who will publish my first book.

    And as for the treasure huntress…. imagine how intense it was for the Persona to find,
    “A beauty spot where her ass meets her left thigh”

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