TENDING TO THINGS WITH LIFE: A dose of literature to get you through Monday (series 4)

I have not been to a gynecologist’s before. The closest I have been to having my lady parts scrutinized was at a cervical cancer screening early this year. It was not as terrifying as I had anticipated. The queue of eager women waiting to have their cervixes examined gave me confidence. The ones who left the examination room wearing relief instead of embarrassment gave me comfort that the screening would be quick and okay.

That first time was at a sports club, in one of the massage rooms. The establishment was giving back to society and it opened its doors to the likes of me who could not afford expensive health care to access free services at a health campaign.

I still cannot afford health care and I will be visiting the government referral hospital. Mulago hospital opened a new OB/GYN wing in Kawempe. A friend shared her experience getting a cooper IUD up her cervix from the new hospital. She said it is clean and free and surprisingly good for a government facility.

What should I wear to my visit to the gyn’s?

A dress would be appropriate. It would involve a mere lifting of the hem and the specimen would be accessible. Trousers would be inappropriate. That would require me to take them off completely, making the knowledge that I am naked and bare more elaborate and uncomfortable.


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