TENDING TO THINGS WITH LIFE: A dose of literature to get you through Monday

Dear reader,

We have journeyed together for 18 weeks through the writing of the weekly series ‘TENDING TO THINGS WITH LIFE’. Your readership has enabled me to write on days when I would not have, your comments and feedback have fed into my editorial and creative process and I have delighted in your enthusiasm about this story.

The journey continues and one day we shall all be  mothers/fathers, uncles/aunties, cousins, sisters and brothers to a child and that child shall be a novel and that novel may be titled TENDING TO THINGS WITH LIFE’.  As in all journeys, there comes a time when you need to catch a breath before continuing uphill, or fill the fuel tank or stretch your muscles.

The time has come for me to recharge my writing batteries. I am taking a four months’ break from making weekly posts about TENDING TO THINGS WITH LIFE and I will return on 21ST AUGUST, 2017. During this 4 months’ break, I will refine the already published series through editing and I will also build on the plot of the story. Many of you have been longing to meet and know Tindi’s boyfriend PK and these are some of the aspects of the story I am going to build on.

Because I value you so much and I do not want to lose your generous readership, I will continue to post a WEEKLY DOSE OF LITERATURE for your reading pleasure until 21st August, 2017 when the Series will resume. The weekly posts may vary from Poetry to Essay and Opinion pieces on just anything that I hope you will enjoy.

For this week, your dose of literature is a poem I have performed on stage before titled REBEL QUEENS. This poem has been shared on this blog before but I made some interesting edits to it and it is much more refined and I believe complete. Please ENJOY.

READ the Poem REBEL QUEENS here.

Photo Credit: Feature Image from the movie, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”


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