SOUNDS OF THE NIGHT: A dose of poetry to get you through Monday

The series TENDING ​TO THINGS WITH LIFE returns on 21st August 2017



To the sounds of the night

The cheering

Of football crowds

And the high pitch

Of the commentator,

The string of barking dogs

Like wolves tranced in a howl.

A mosquito buzzes

Round your ear,

Distracted you loose

The sounds of the night



The YAKA gadget warns



A drum roll for worries

Rent submissions

Internet subscriptions

Fridge re-stocking

Fuel re-fills.

Listen again, 

To the wind blowing

Leaves swinging

From waving branches,

The mosquito flying away

Do you hear?

The barking dogs

Wall fence across wall fence

A song is built

And on and on

Like wolves 

Tranced in a howl

The dogs sing.

Listening, you question

Must we tame the wild?

In taming, 

We create sameness

An avenue for manipulation

The tamed becomes a submissive

To the wills of others

Barking on command

When there is a chance

To sing with the night winds

In jam sessions

With strangers

Across the fences. 


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