NUMBERS AND WORDS: A dose of poetry to get you through Monday

The series TENDING ​TO THINGS WITH LIFE returns on 21st August 2017


I can’t sleep

I can’t bake

I can’t get baked

I have no eggs

I have no butter

I have no herbs

Life is slow


Slow counting…

100, 99, 97,

100, 99, ninetyyyyyy eight, 97, 96


I must have slept at 50.


This morning I saw two identical butterflies

Velvety wings with black and white polka dots

I watched them play

And fly after each other

And fly away

And I thought I should write about them

I was walking

Not a mile,

Maybe ten metres

I walked from one to ten

Then ten to one and on and on and on

And I thought;

I have 400 dollars now;

In ten years I could save up to… 10,000 dollars?

10,000 DOLLARS!

What would I do with ten thousand dollars?


Buy cheap land in the country

Build a house

Grow my food, my herbs

May be rear some hens too?

Have a cow maybe?

Uhhhh, hee!

This is me trying to write a poem.

With 10,000 dollars,

I should be able to sleep,


Get baked.

The Color of Words IX
Wosene Worke Kosrof, b. 1950, Ethiopia
Acrylic on linen
H x W: 79 x 87 cm. (31 7/64 x 34 _ in.)
Private collection (Susan Saul)

One thought on “NUMBERS AND WORDS: A dose of poetry to get you through Monday

  1. Sometimes, sleep refuses to be slept. You spend the whole night reminding yourself of whatever you saw in the day, and fantasizing of what you want to achieve.

    Sleep well Evabella.

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