1. True @Daphine. Looks like Ugandans have fully embraced the social media tide and fully utilized it. But, where do you think these NGOs and CBOs get it wrong? why does the concept remain so imported and aloof that it fails to work, to fit in? i think it is not that these organizations are completely foreign and incompatible to our local social ways but rather, like the government, have been used by single individuals to amass personal power and wealth at the expense of those they disguise to work for. Even these social media campaigns are flawed. I need to visit the cancer institute and see the 64M shed. But great analysis you have up here.

  2. What you say Donna is true. Work with Civil Society is not supposed to involve personal enrichment unless you are engaged as a consultant or expert. Unfortunately in Uganda, I have heard many people who start up NGOs with the same ambition as a person who starts a profit making initiative. That is wrong. So wrong. Because more money is spent supporting on institutional structures like the Executive, Directors, Management e.t.c and very little is spent on the actual work.

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