PINK NICETIES: A dose of poetry to get you through Monday


In corners

Of places of convenience

Glass containers

Are stacked with pink niceties


Under yellow rays

Of electric bulbs.


A little index points at the pink niceties

“Mommy? What are those?”


A deep breath and a sigh

Is all  I can mouth.

She washes her pink palms

At the white sink

And I wish that my pink tongue

Was not glued behind my white teeth.



The pink wraps are condoms.

I am relieved my answer was satisfactory

When she walks out ahead of me,

Pink shoes flashing lights

With each foot step.


“Mommy? What are condoms used for?”

A flashed face and sweaty palms

Meet as I tag at my fore brains

For a satisfactory answer.


Do you know what sex is?


I am terrified her answer was satisfactory.


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