We are writers

With a license to create.

We stand at the margins,

Prying like investigators

Probing like hackers

Hording experiences

To make stories and poetry

Of what we hear,






When the stage is set

We perform

We tickle your bellies with humour

Your toes wiggle, tingling to our musical lyrics

We paint new realities

And you escape with us to magical worlds

Of pink skies

With a cherry as the moon

Sugar crystals as stars

Sparkling wine as rain.

We share our darkest creations

And you find comfort in our confessions.


We give up ourselves to create art

But after you’ve been fed,

We are discarded

Like yellow Banana peelings

After the sweet fruit has been eaten.


Our creations are merchandise

Stolen from shelves

By events managers

And organisations

And individuals.

Our publications liter Nasser Road

Multiplied by photocopiers

Without regard for copyright.


We shrivel in this scorching economy

We starve

The Lords and Ladies of the Land

Evict us to homelessness

We become benchmarks

Of the poverty line.

The creations cease

And darkness falls.


We sink into pits

Of depressions

Of relentless lethargy

Of drugs

And cuts

We hurt

We cry.


We roast our lungs

And hope the heat

Will transcend us to a higher place

We water-board our brains

With spirits and gins

Rums and whiskeys

We risk it all

And set fire to the dream.


Scorched by poverty,

We welcome convention

Dismiss freedom

Our wild is tamed

Our imagination confined

Behind desks, between walls.


Salaries rain upon us

Titles crown us with respect and worth

“Doctor of Philosophy”

“Director of the Inspectorate”

“Secretary of the Council”

“Manager of the Corporation”


Noosed in neckties

Unstable in stilettos

Blinded by gadget screens

We forfeit the dream

We set fire to hope

The ashes clog growth

And new entrants evade the Art-Scene

Then we claim Uganda a literary Desert.


We are writers

With a license to create.

Gods and Goddesses don’t retire

They reign in Deserts

They are an oasis

Where fellow dreamers can hydrate

As they chase the Dream to Write.


Photo Credit: The Lantern Meet of Poets





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