A writer’s notes: #2

Indiscipline is a weed, it sprouts as the gardener lets loose.

Your career is your garden,you must water it by reading lots.

You need a nursery bed for your baby pieces: I start with with paper, then I work on re-writes before typing the piece. The typing is like transplanting from the bed to the main garden.

Your garden needs sunlight: engagement with artists of diverse gifting; the dancer to give you freedom to be, to go with the flow, to enjoy; the painter to give you keen attention to detail and a mastery of beauty.

Church,School, Office; these ground us, they discipline us, so if you don’t subscribe to these you need to find alternatives: in meditation, in creating, in being.

I listen to my body, my soul, my heart. I create new possibilities and share in Godliness through Poetry and everyday I be.


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