A writer’s notes:#3

There shouldn’t be a limit to your imagination. Your mind is a powerful tool able to create a different universe where strange things are possible. It is a joyous moment when you don’t have any agenda, no limits, no boundaries, just a pen in your hand, a blank page before you, a mind: a mind so free, so open, so willing to create.

Writing ushers you into a new universe of godliness, where you are not in charge, where you must commune with the god of uncertainty, the god of impossibilities and the god of Art.

It is a beautiful job. It is building a story, crafting a design, setting it all up. You can’t always start at the beginning. You start where you start. You get an idea. You write it down. Don’t force the buildup, don’t force the story. It comes alive organically through imagination, influences, inspiration, musings, trials.

You have to follow the chain of creation, the little crumbs that litter your path to a different world. It is good to have a few reminders each time you start to write, so you are completely aware of the stage you are; a string of creations, omissions, sustained ideas, repetitions, – the repetitions especially, they keep you on track, reminding you what needs to be in your story, what traits to maintain in your characters.


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