I wrote this poem below, while reflecting of Women emancipation. Women Emancipation is a very hot, controversial, yet important debate. Many women and men misunderstand the concept of emancipation. It is not about the numbers neither is it about favouring women over men. Instead, it is about reaching a balance, where both male and female, are equals, where they can share ideas and accept each other without anyone feeling inferior.




Crown the pot of Africa,

That curvaceous, round female

That sways her body gracefully

Depicting virtues of honesty, patience, and hard core morality.

Pot of Africa,

By the creator’s hand molded

Into the furnace placed.

Strong by definition but frail by depiction.


They say that her long beautiful neck

Was made to bow

And her strong limbs,

to kneel.

kneel and bow to “lords” that are flesh like her?

Pot of Africa long beautiful neck she was given

To guide, to foresee.

Strong limbs to match proudly

Like a peacock amongst cocks to her destined crown.


Submissiveness, Self-abasement

cultural chains wound upon her

Genitalia mutilated, ecstasy denied.

Those misogynists,

Denying her her freedom, her sexuality.

Break free pot of Africa,

Relinquish those confining cultures

Imprisoning you in a darkness of ignorance.

Within you is a richness of enlightenment.

Let it pervade that darkness and break free those chains.


They say that she possess the sword of poverty,

That blood thirsty sword.

But we ask,

Who is it,

That maintains a home

While he goes builds a fortune?

Feeds him upon his tired return?

Gives him the inspiration he needs ?

We ask.

Who is it that nurtures the children,

Turns babies into influential figures?

Her work may not be quantified in notes and coins,

But it is incomparable to those.


So give her the deserved crown.

Empower her to lead.

Give her statistical visibility

In academia and high ranking decision making.

Because she has the zeal to lead the nation

The motivation to move the Continent.

She is pot of Africa,

Bold, beautiful and strong.


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